01.04.2019 Request for a Business Consultant for Trade Mission to Denmark and Sweden

Project Initiative: "Ukraine: Consolidation of SME export potential and facilitation of access to foreign markets" plans to organize trade mission to Denmark and Sweden for up to 12 Ukrainian SMEs, in close cooperation with a foreign consultant and invites you to provide a proposal (including financial) for organization of a trade mission to Denmark and Sweden in November 2019.

Goal: organize a b2b trade mission for up to 10 Ukrainian SMEs of preselected sectors

Tools: b2b meetings, site visits, budget available

Preparation stages of the trade mission include:

1. Development of a comprehensive market intelligence document covering food sector and trade opportunities for Ukrainian SMEs in the chosen sector in Denmark and Sweden.

2. Participate in the Trade mission promo event in Kyiv as one of the speakers presenting the results of market intelligence developed.

3. Conduct Skype screenings of applied Ukrainian SMEs together with manager of the project with the purpose to select up to 12 SMEs for participation in the trade mission (usually up to 25 Skype calls 30 minutes each).

4. Organize and conduct B2B meetings for the selected Ukrainian companies incl. matchmaking services and logistics arrangements.

5. Organize and conduct pre-briefing for the trade mission participants upon arrival to Scandinavia.

6. Organize at least 2 sectoral site visits in each country.

7. Develop and provide the project report.

Please download the Terms of Reference and the Selection criteria for more details.

In case of interest send your applications in PDF by April 10, 2019 to:

JULIA KOTOVA, International Trade and Export Market Specialist at project initiative: “Ukraine: Consolidation of SME export potential and facilitation of access to foreign markets”, to e-mail: jkotova@epo.org.ua

The application must at least include: consultant background, successful cases and references, estimated project timetable and budget.

Please provide the budget according to the following accounts. Please consider that the budget must include all services mentions in the TOR. The price for the services from the TOR can’t be increased.