10.02.2020 Request for a Contractor for Study Tour of Export-Oriented SMEs to EU [Lithuania + Poland] [Baltic Countries]

10.02.2020 REQUEST FOR A Contractor FOR Study Tour of export-oriented SMEs to EU [Lithuania + Poland] [Baltic countries]

Project Initiative: «Ukraine: Consolidation of SME export potential and facilitation of access to foreign markets» plans to organize Study Tour for up to 10 Ukrainian export-oriented SMEs to EU [Lithuania + Poland] [Baltic countries] and invites you to provide a proposal [including financial] for organization of this event in April 2020.

Study Tour goal: to provide opportunities, educational and practical skills for export ready SME’s to enter new markets and rise/start export to EU.

Study Tour tools: practical education, exhibitions visit, individual B2B meetings, site visits: store checks, enterprises and production visits, networking etc.

Sector: food & beverages.

Key elements:

1. Development and implementation of a comprehensive Study Tour Program, covering both parts of education and preparing SMEs to enter new markets:

- Lecturer part*: partner search, negotiations, participation in trade B2B missions and exhibitions, pricing, product development, export to EU etc.

- Practical part*: B2B meetings, participation in key exhibition [as visitors], sectoral site visits [retail store checks [optional], enterprises and production visits/consultations with local business and experts, networking etc.].

2. Development of a brief version of market intelligence document covering preselected sector and trade opportunities for Ukrainian SMEs in the chosen sector and local markets and present it during lecturing part of Study Tour.

3. Conduct Skype screenings [if needed] of applied Ukrainian SMEs together with manager of the Project with the purpose to select SMEs for participation in the Study tour [usually Skype calls are 30 minutes each].

4. Organize and conduct both study parts on «all inclusive» basis:

a) lecturer part, including speakers’ services, venue, marketing materials [online and print layouts] for participants, coffee breaks, professional photo etc.

b) practical part, including the list below, matchmaking services, logistics arrangements, pre-briefing for participants upon arrival to local market etc. for its conducting:

  • B2B meetings for Ukrainian companies in Lithuania;
  • at least 3 sectoral site visits in Lithuania: retail store checks, enterprises and production visits/consultations with local business and experts, networking etc;
  • participation in key local exhibition – WorldFood Poland [as visitors] and 1 site visit [tbc].

5. Develop and provide the project report.

Please download the Terms of Reference and the Selection criteria for more details.

In case of interest send your applications in PDF by February 18th, 2020 to:

OLEKSANDR KUTERESHCHYN, Export Education Consultant at project initiative: «Ukraine: Consolidation of SME export potential and facilitation of access to foreign markets», to e-mail: okutereshchyn@fsr.org.ua.

The application must at least include: potential Contractor background, available network, successful cases and references, Study Tour Program [daily, lecturer and practical parts], estimated project timeline with the phase’s description, budget.

Please provide the budget according to the following accounts. Please consider that the budget must include all services mentioned in the TOR. The price for the services from the TOR can’t be increased.

In case of any questions regarding the request kindly apply to Oleksandr Kutereshchyn via e-mail: okutereshchyn@fsr.org.ua.


*the list of topics and tools are preliminary and will be improved by the Project team and Contractor.