Project title: Opportunities for Ukrainian SMEs in China: Market research and its potential, doing business in China, how to be effective on a trade show / exhibition.
Project Location: Kyiv, Ukraine.
Duration: 3 months.
Responsible to: Project Manager Yevhen Kompanets, Export Promotion Office.
Start date: July 2018 (approx..)
The travelling dates are: from 19th September to 20th September.
Fee: The EPO will provide an all-inclusive fee for the assignment at a competitive rate. This will include all costs associated with delivery of the Terms of Reference, notably including: international travel costs and professional fees. All other aspects, just like visa, passport, health insurance etc., are responsibilities from each trainer and not will be reimbursed by the EPO.

The broad purpose of this ToR is three-fold: (i) develop and deliver Market intelligence materials – Country profile & In-depth overview of the chosen sectors in China – with (ii) detailed presentation of the materials under “How to do business in China” event; (iii) develop and deliver “How to get maximum out of trade fair/exhibition” event. Both events are to be held in one-day training in Kyiv to a group of up to 100 participants – Ukrainian SME’s.
The participants will be provided with comprehensive materials (Country profile and In-depth overview of the chosen sectors in China), methods, tools and approaches in provision of the entering the Chinese market and useful information on how to be effective on a Trade Show / Exhibition (include but not limited to China international Import Expo).
In addition, the video recording session will take place separately on a next day for further development of a web-course on How to Export to China. It is expected that the experts who will participate in the events will act as a key-trainers in the framework of this course.

In order to achieve objectives the contractor will:
A: Develop Market intelligence materials for the following sectors:

  • Food and beverages (notably food ingredients, processed food and organic produce),
  • Information and Communications Technology (software development),
  • Creative services (advertising and public relations services, crafts, design, film industry, fashion, publishing and other performing and visual arts),
  • Tourism (focusing particularly on eco-tourism, adventure tourism, cultural, MICE and educational tourism).

The materials are to be developed in a template provided by EPO.
Should include at least:
— Country profile — basic

  • China – quick facts;
  • Market characteristics;
  • Consumer;
  • Trade;
  • Business culture;
  • Property rights protection and corporate R&D (Trademark Registration);
  • How to find business partners.

— In-depth overview of the chosen sectors in China

  • Market segmentation, market trends;
  • Consumer preferences;
  • Key challenges;
  • Import duties, import restrictions;
  • Key regulatory bodies;
  • Regulations specific;
  • Major industry events.

B: Develop and deliver an educational event “How to do business in China” in Ukraine for interested companies (up to 2 hours) based on the detailed presentation of the Market intelligence materials.
Following the presentation of Market intelligence by the consultant, it is anticipated that an extended Question and Answer/Discussion Session will take place wherein the moderator and presenter will engage with the attendees in a frank discussion of those sectors mentioned by the respective presentation. In addition, the questionnaire will be forwarded to the expert presenters well in advance of the workshop in an effort to allow them to prepare a comprehensive discussion of possible solutions to the submitted problems.
C: Develop and deliver an educational event “How to be effective on a Trade Show / Exhibition” in Ukraine for interested companies who will participate in “China International Import Expo” (up to 2 hours).

D: Provide educational content for the online course “Export training: Target market China and its opportunities for Ukrainian companies in sectors” (up to 3 hours of recording session) based on educational event “How to do business in China” in following structure:

  •  Facts about Chinese market
  •  Market research presentation
  •  Market potential and opportunities for Ukrainian companies
  •  Export Practicalities – logistics, tariffs, customs, legal relationships and export financing
  •  Sales partner attraction and trade visit participation
  •  China business culture and its differences with Ukrainian business culture


  •  All materials and documents that will be shared with the participants must be relevant to the needs of the project’s target audience and in line with agreed standards as defined by the project team;
  •  Data protection and copyright laws are complied with and when necessary copyright permission is obtained and documentation is completed and submitted on time;
  •  Client satisfaction levels are positive, measured by feedback from client customer satisfaction data;
  •  The seminar will be delivered in English. Experts should have an excellent written and oral of English since the validation process, presentations and materials will be in English.


  •  Company size: Small or medium consulting companies (usually with up to 10 staff) specializing in import promotion to a foreign country
  •  Experience: 5+ years of operations
  •  Proven track record of successful cases of company`s clients, e.g. foreign businesses from different industries in the particular country or list of different countries.
  •  Partnership network: a company has numerous possible-to-check list of partner experts in various industries
  •  B2B: results/cases of proven ability to work on finding potential partners
  •  Market intelligence: examples of market intelligence reports according to the specific requests of their clients
  • Experience of cooperation with national trade / export promotion organizations: experience in organizing trade/business missions in cooperation with national trade / export promotion organizations is a plus
  • Business reputation: transparency, official web-site, references
  • Capable to obtain payment from NGO located in Ukraine
  • Have strong business contacts in private sector.


  • University degree in economics, social sciences, marketing, business administration, education or related fields;
  • At least 5 years of extensive working experience in conducting trainings and consulting, small business development, management and marketing;
  • Authentic experience in provision of services by NGO;
  • Proven experience in working with the international organizations;
  • Proven experience in accompanying SME’s during the Exhibitions and Tradeshow;
  • Proven experience in providing trainings as an expert for developing Tradeshow marketing strategy;
  • Excellent communications skills.


  • Presentation of the consulting company including company`s information, its history, contact details, organizational structure which includes experience in providing Trade shows and Exhibitions organization;
  • CVs of the CEO, Business consultant, Trainer of the seminar;
  • Track record of clients and projects;
  • Proposed agenda for the training with subtopics and goals of the training;
  • At least 3 references with contacts;
  • All-inclusive budget.

Any clarification request should be submitted via email to ykompanets@epo.org.ua by no later than June 29, 2018.
Responses will be sent directly to enquirers by June 29, 2018.
Please submit your proposal with all required documents through email with the subject ”GO CHINA TRAINING” to ebrdteam@epo.org.ua and by no later than 17h00m (GMT+3) July 3, 2018.