Procurement experts

Non-Governmental Union “Foundation for Support of Reforms in Ukraine” (NGU “FSRU”) with the support of British Embassy Kyiv on behalf of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office has launched the project “SUPPORT OF PROCUREMENT SYSTEM REFORM IN MINISTRY OF DEFENCE OF UKRAINE.

The goal of the Project is to ensure that the Center for Defense Procurement will receive expertise, needed to develop and install modern management and educational practices. As the Center for Defense procurement to become a pioneer in establishing project management based, quality management certified procurement agency, it must be ensured this expertise be available as soon as possible.  

Within the Project, the NGU “FSRU" is looking for a Procurement experts.

Scope of services

  • analysis and proposals to draft regulations, developed by Ministries for KMU approval;
  • draft regulations to propose to stakeholders in the field of defence procurement;
  • wider expertise in the field of defence procurement across security and defence sector;
  • support to MOD (and other agencies in security and defence sector on request) in development of internal regulations, required by Law on Defence procurement;
  • elucidation of the law on defence procurement (to be published either/or by MOEDT and VR Committee;
  • inputs in development of educational program/course on defence procurement and international procurement, preparation of materials and tutoring in National Defence University;
  • participation in round tables and other events, promoting defence procurement reform, and transparency;

Preferred Qualifications and Skills

  • Higher education in economics;
  • Certified education in the field of procurement;
  • At least 5 years of proven experience in public or commercial procurement;
  • Familiarity with the public and defence procurement reform in Ukraine; 
  • Strong analytical, communication and presentation skills with the ability to interpret complex legal, commercial and financial information;
  • Excellent command of English and Ukrainian, both written and spoken;
  • PC literacy;

Contract duration: till 30.03.2021

For contracting, a candidate should be able to register Private Entrepreneur of the 3d group.

The closing date for applications (CV with information on the expected fee and level of efforts – full-time, part-time (N of days per month): February 10, 2021.

Please, send your applications to: 

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