“Invest in Ukraine NOW”': UkraineInvest reveals the attractiveness of Ukraine to investors

UkraineInvest has presented the investment brochure “Invest in Ukraine NOW”. The brochure reflects efforts of UkraineInvest to implement a 4+1 sector strategy that concentrates on main areas of Ukrainian economy: agricultural business, energy, manufacturing,  infrastructure, and innovation technology linking all the mentioned sectors.

A key message of UkraineInvest is that Ukraine's innovation and opportunities (“Brains and Grains”) can contribute to global supply chains. Investors recognize the huge potential of Ukraine’s outstanding agri-food value chain and the attractiveness of Ukraine’s green tariff, as well as observe the growth of European supply-chain manufacturing clusters in the regions, including the automotive cluster in Western Ukraine, rebuilding of Ukrainian port, road and rail infrastructure.

UkraineInvest sends a message to the international investment community about the meteoric rise of many sectors. Particular attention should be paid to our IT sector, which over a 5 year period has become the state’s third biggest export. Last year IT services grew by 20%, and in the next five years, they will double in size. 

“Invest in Ukraine NOW” provides key facts about Ukraine and its reform agenda that will ease business conduct for investors in the country, highlights opportunities of most attractive sectors of the Ukrainian economy, and tells in details about important sectors: namely, agribusiness, energy, manufacturing, infrastructure, and innovation technologies.

Source: UkraineInvest