RFP for Additional Go China Tender (1688.com)

In order to further promote the existing products of Ukrainian SME on one of China's leading online B2B marketplaces 1688.com under the developed collective Trade with Ukraine brand store as well as to enhance the general presence of Ukrainian SMEs on Chinese market, the project «Ukraine: Consolidation of SME export potential and facilitation of access to foreign markets» invites you to provide a proposal (including financial) for the organization of the services of additional placement of the products of up to 10 Ukrainian SMEs on 1688.com under the collective Trade with Ukraine brand, providing proactive marketing support for the additionally placed products of up to 10 Ukrainian SMEs as well as additional marketing support for the products of 20 Ukrainian SMEs currently represented on 1688.com under the collective Trade with Ukraine brand store during October – December 2020.

1688.com is a sister website of Alibaba.com, which is home to more than 10 million enterprise storefronts, with 150 million users visiting the site per day. The 1688 marketplace is a go-to sourcing destination for merchants selling on Alibaba’s e-commerce sites Taobao and Tmall, while also is even a primary source for major private and state-owned conglomerates such as China Railway Group.

Goal: to provide opportunities for Ukrainian SME’s to achieve realistic success on the Chinese cross-border e-commerce B2B marketplace


Multisectoral, with the following focus:

•          Food/agro

•          Beverage (primarily coffee, soft drinks, wine)

•          Textile and closing

•          Household chemicals

•          Cosmetics

Activities are to include:

  • assisting the additionally selected 10 Ukrainian SMEs with the selection of the products which will be most fitting to be promoted and marketed through the 1688.com B2B marketplace (up to 4 products from each SMEs) under the collective Trade with Ukraine brand;
  • ensuring proper visual and textual adaptation of the additionally selected 10 Ukrainian SMEs products profiles (up to 4 products from each SMEs) according to Chinese common marketing strategies and buyer’s consumption habits;
  • securing translation of all information and materials into Chinese and English to secure the placement of profiles;
  • assisting the additionally selected 10 Ukrainian SMEs to establish correct positioning on the 1688.com B2B marketplace;
  • assisting 20 Ukrainian SMEs placed on a 1688.com B2B marketplace within the first stage of the project as well as additionally selected 10 Ukrainian SMEs with the negotiations with customers to boost the sales.

Proactive marketing promotion of the collective Trade with Ukraine brand and the represented products accordingly to facilitate leads and trade opportunities for Ukrainian SMEs, which is to include:

  • promoting the Trade with Ukraine brand store content on various channels to reach wider audiences (we chat, spreading information through different associations/ buyers/ importers via e-mail/ phone calls/ social networks);
  • introducing the advanced search advertising promotion within 1688.com;
  • implementing the right high-frequency and low-frequency search words promotion.

In case of interest send your applications in PDF by October 13, 2020 via e-mail to: sme@fsr.org.ua

The application must at least include: consultant background, successful cases and references, estimated project timeline with the description of the phases, budget.

Please provide the budget according to the following accounts. Please consider that the budget must include all services mentioned in the TOR. The price for the services from the TOR can’t be increased.