Reform Support Team at the MoF presents Annual Report 2019

Reform Support Team at the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine presented the Annual Report that summarizes the team's achievements in 2019.

The Reform Support Team (RST) is a group of Ukrainian professionals (non-public servants) funded on a temporary basis by the donors that provides targeted technical support and assists the Ministry in the design and implementation of sectoral strategies and priority reforms.

In the Report, you will find about the Ministry’s reforms and RST's contribution to them in 2019. The RST assisted the Ministry in its main goal – the development of a sound and efficient public finance management system. This covers both the broader Public Finance Management Reform and the narrower Tax and Customs Reforms, State-Owned Banks Reform, Corporate Governance Reform in the Energy Sector, Cooperation with International Financial Institutions and others.

Within their scope, RST assisted the Ministry with specific challenges, such as enhancing sector-related budget expenditures transparency and efficiency, improvement of the SOE-related fiscal risks management system. 

To find more on the RST's achievements, please check the Annual Report.