18.12.2019 Request for an Organisation of the Ukrainian Collective Stand at Alimentaria Exhibition in Barcelona, Spain, for Ukrainian Food and Agro Producers

Project Initiative: "Ukraine: Consolidation of SME export potential and facilitation of access to foreign markets" plans to organize a collective Ukrainian stand at Alimentaria Exhibition in Barcelona for 6 Ukrainian SME producers of food and agro sectors and invites you to provide a proposal (including financial) for the organization of a collective stand in April 2020.

Exhibition goal: to provide opportunities for 6 export-ready SME’s to raise/start export.

Exhibition tools: 54 sq.m of working space available.

Sector: food and agro

1. Rental of exhibition space not less than 54 m2.

2. Building a stand:

- walls

- hidden cloakroom

- furniture

- light and electricity

- design of the booth

- development and production of POSM

3. Total cost - up to 35 000 Euro.

In case of interest send your applications in PDF by December 31, 2019, to:

IRYNA ONIKIENKO, Expert foreign markets at  project initiative: “Ukraine: Consolidation of SME export potential and facilitation of access to foreign markets”, to e-mail: ionikienko@fsr.org.ua

The application must at least include:

- company background,

- estimated project timeline,

- budget.

Please provide the budget according to the following accounts. Please consider that the budget must include all services mentioned in the TOR. The price for the services from the TOR can’t be increased.

In case of any questions regarding the request kindly apply to Iryna Onikienko via e-mail: ionikienko@fsr.org.ua