27.06.2018 Request for a Business Consultant for Trade Mission to France - ЗАВЕРШЕНО

Export Promotion Office is conducting a tender for a Business Consultant for Trade Mission to France


Terms of reference

1. Conduct a basic market analysis to indicate the Ukrainian sector with highest trade potential in France. Select a region in France to be visited with a business delegation.

  • Develop a comprehensive market intelligence document, which would include the following information on selected sector - to be developed by End of August 2018 and to be presented at a promotional event in Kyiv, to which Ukrainian SMEs of selected sectors will be invited – usually up to 40 representatives:

— Country profile — basic.
— In-depth overview of the chosen sector in France

  • Market segmentation, market trends
  • o Consumer preferences
  • o Key challenges
  • o Import duties, import restrictions
  • o Key regulatory bodies
  • o Regulations specific
  • o Major industry events

2. Organize B2B meetings for up to 10 companies of 1 selected sector.
Minimum 5 (five) b2b meetings per SME. Traveling to French companies’ premises is an option. But inviting French companies for a b2b session in a rented venue is an ideal plan. Develop a draft b2b schedule 2 weeks prior to visit.

3. Develop a b2b package company specific, which would include:

  • French companies profiles and b2b itinerary company specific
  • Key players/competitors company specific, major industry events company specific

4. Conduct Skype screening of applied Ukrainian SMEs, to select 10 SMEs, which will be most demanded, export ready etc. (up to 20 SMEs to screen).

5. Organize site visits. Organize 2 site visits of companies’ interest – tours to successful French businesses for experience exchange.

6. Promo event – TBC. Participate in a Promo event (in Kyiv) as a speaker presenting sector specific market intelligence developed (including air travel and other logistic matters). The event 1-2 hours.

7. Pre-briefing. Organize and conduct a seminar “How to do business in France” for the business delegation on their arrival to France. 2 hours (including the venue rent for up to 30 people with screen available, water).

Please download the Selection Criteria


Send your applications by July 12, 2018 to:


Senior expert at the Export Promotion Office

E-mail: ionikienko@epo.org.ua